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Noah's Classifieds Professional

Get ready for an All New NOAH REAL ESTATE with our All New CRM PRO.

Our Features

These are just a few of the Pro-Versions Core Powers...
  • Unlimited Categories

    For any Niche' you have, Noah's Pro Version Classifieds allows you the power to build all the Main-Categories and Sub-Categories you need.

  • Custom Fields

    Custom Fields are the true Heart of a Classifieds and they can be customized to your specific purposes and any Niche' you have!

  • E-Commerce Settings

    Charge ( or not ) for Ad-Submitting, uploading Pictures, Subscriptions etc.. using either (or) both Authorize.net and Paypal in either Simple or Advanced Modes.

App Feature Image
  • Add YouTube Video and Google Maps

    As you know, Video and Maps are an important part of websites these days. Especially with Classifieds Listings Portals.

  • For The End-User (admin perspective)

    You can Hide or show fields based on being logged in (or) not as well and user listings subscriptions and Member Points System.

  • For the Admin...and manager levels.

    You get a full-on Robust Control Panel where you admin (or) manage the entire site. This thing is loaded and ready for you to light up fast.

$149.95 + Free Customer Area. 90+ Plug-ins and Extra Themes Available.

You have Plans to start a great! Classifieds, and we have Pricing to suit...
  • Version 8
  • $149.95
  • Video and Docs Provided
  • Configuration Service (Available)
  • Team Support (Included)
  • SSL (Available)
  • Buy Now
  • Pro Customer Area
  • Free for Pro Customers
  • 90 +Plugins
  • Video and Docs Provided
  • Extra Themes (Available)
  • Team Support (Included)
  • Updates Supported
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Amazingly Simple to Use

The Powerful Drag and Place Category Organizer, Type and Click Custom Fields and Categories to the simple "Charge or Not" E-Commerce Settings, Noah's Classifieds Professional has you covered!

General or Niche' Listings

No matter your listings web-sites purpose, you can type and click the categories and custom fields you need to support your listings purposes and change them anytime you want or need to.

Rock Solid Flexibility

We have years of builds with Noah's Classifieds Pro. It is really a Rock Solid code set and strong enough to handle a huge user-base and thousands of ad-listings.


Our Pre-Sell FAQ's are the most common we receive.
This depends on how heavy our work load is. Typically, we get installation set-ups done same-day fast. Sometimes if purchased in off-hours, we schedule to the next morning.
You may take your time on that. :) We get many customers who get Noah PRO Classifieds prior to a needing it up and running the same day of purchase. Please try to do it in the same year as purchased.
Yes. There are many Plug-ins and Themes available. Once you are a Noah Pro Customer, you will have access. Some are free and some cost.

For Example: There are 3 versions of a Membership Plug-in for Noah's, -however, they require custom install and the support team will do this as a paid time and service for $50 USD.


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Absolutely.  Here a a few that we picked so you can see the different things some Noah PRO users do.  
www.tickifieds.com | www.chickentrain.com | www.terniannunci.it |


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Yes you can.  And it is really easy to do. Type out what you want or copy and paste, save your page and upload it. It fits right in with your theme and also give you extra SEO.
Believe it or not, we have had customers purchase Noah Pro just for its SEO power. Well, to have a classifieds to of course.  But the SEO in Noah Pro is seriously strong.

Start a Professional Classifieds Today!

Keep an eye our for our upcoming Real Estate Listings Software...

Please also keep in mind that our License cost also allocates our support channel which helps us help you.